‘Dead Reckoning’ - The Jellyman's Daughter - luscious harmonies, evocative melodies, sensuous lyrics

(April 12, 2018)

Another slice of bluesy, soulful folk is served up by Edinburgh's own, The Jellyman’s Duaghter in their forthcoming album ‘Dead Reckoning’. Lovers of the sultry-voiced Emily Dead Reckoning The Jelymans DaughterKelly and the stirring musicianship of her partnership with Graham Coe, will find themselves utterly taken into their world of luscious harmonies, evocative melodies and sensuous lyrics.

There’s a sweeping depth to this album that makes it supremely listenable, from its tight focus on personal experiences and expressions into examining the broader scope of observation and comment focused on wider and more external issues.

The gently attractiveness begins with the opener ‘Quiet Movie’ flows into ‘I Hope’ and ‘Giving Up’. From there take in the potent title track ‘Dead Reckoning’, before the pulse of ‘The Shoogly Peg’ and softly crafted ‘You Don’t Know Love’ leave behind their indelible mark.

‘Dead Reckoning’ releases on May 14. Playing on the album are Emily Kelly (vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar) Graham Coe (vocals, cell, mandolin, acoustic guitar, piano, e-bow acoustic guitar) with Jamie Francis (banjo) Paul Gilbody (double bass) and Toby Shear (fiddle).


Review: Tom Franks

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