‘Through The Seasons’ - Will Pound - dance music as it should be heard

(April 14, 2018)

There’s a sense of imminent excitement about this album, from reading the sub-title ‘A Year in Morris and Folk Dance’ through the opening Cotswold Morris tune set 'Getting Upstairs/ Rodney' to the wonderful 'Papa Stour Sword Dance'. For lovers of folk dance in all its forms, there isn’t a moment when you’re not wholly held in its sway. It helps no end that you’re Will Pound Through The Seasonslistening to some of folk’s outstanding musical masters – Will Pound has brought with him Benji Kirkpatrick, Ross Grant, Eliza Carthy and John Kirkpatrick plus others - to bring you dance music as it should be heard.   

‘Through The Seasons’ presents tradition respected, inventiveness expressed and innovation unbridled – each tune given a vibrant edge to take expectation beyond the ordinary. Dancer or not this is an album that will reach out and sweep you along. There’s the Cotswold tradition represented by ‘The Quaker’ and ‘The Nutting Girl’ complete with Eliza Carthy’s vocals, then North West Carnival with ‘The Liberty Bell March’, and Welsh Border represented by ‘Fanny Trail’ and the Much Wenlock tradition by ‘Not For Joe’, while rapper and longsword follow with ‘Blackthorn Stick/ Irish Washerwoman’ and ‘Ampleford Sword Dance’.

Many of these tunes will be so familiar that listening to ‘Through The Seasons’ will have the fondness of re-connecting with an old friend. And this music it’s not only for dancing - sit back and let the music take you away.


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