‘Awake’ - Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage - music that breathes the essence of peaceful understanding

(April 14, 2018)

This album turns a mellow, sympathetic blend of American roots and English folk into something that’s soul-soothing and absolutely sublime. The distillation of heritage and culture Awake Hannah sanders and Ben Savagebetween Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage creates music that breathes the essence of peaceful understanding, taking the essential elements of both worlds to wonderful effect. Each song, traditional or original, stands as testament to the interaction between these two artists, and it’s something you really should go out of your way to hear.

The word intimate fits the descriptive need – nothing else so finely sums up the listening experience. The sense of closeness between the performers and their audience never leaves this album. ‘Awake’ stays close to you from start to finish, from the reflection and mourning of ‘Selkie Song’ and ‘I Met A Man’, remains with ‘Every Night When The Sun Goes In’ and ‘Reynardine’ and then into the ‘Santa Fe Trail’ and Pete Seeger’s ‘One Grain Of Sand’.

Adding to the presence of ‘Awake’ are Hannah Sanders (vocals, guitar, dulcimer) and Ben Savage (vocals, guitars, Dobro, drums) with Jon Thorne (double bass) Burke Carroll (pedal steel) Evan Carson (percussion) Chris Coole (banjo) and David Travers-Smith (horns, organ).


Review: Terry Barlow

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