‘Down In The Mine’ - Amy Goddard - a work of considerable significance

(April 22, 2018)

Listening to the incredibly touching songs on ‘Down In The Mine’ is a deeply moving experience. Taking inspiration from the lives and hardships, unhappiness and exploitation of miners and mining communities, Amy offers three original songs with covers of Bob Dylan, Amy Godard Down in the MineMerle Travis and Alistair Hulett. Her second album, ‘Secret Garden’ took the listener on a journey through people and places - this EP with its tight focus continues to establish her as a consummate singer-songwriter.

Opening with ‘Green Is The Colour’ inspired by the experiences in the arsenic miners of Devon and Cornwall, Amy moves on to Bob Dylan’s ‘North Country Blues’ telling of loss, death and hopelessness in a mining community. From there, two Amy Goddard originals, the heart-breaking tale ‘Remember Aberfan’ and ‘Underground Road’ take you deeper into their sorrowful tales, before her take on ‘Dark As A Dungeon’ by Merle Travis recalls the exploitation of American coal miners and Alistair Hulett’s ‘Blue Murder’ makes its powerful statement. With a voice that ranges from fragile concern through to aggrieved accusation, Amy makes ‘Down In The Mine’ a work of considerable significance.

Playing on ‘Down In The Mine’ are Amy Goddard (vocals, guitars) Brian Kutscher (vocals, guitar) Andy Adams, Alan Whitby (vocals) and Hannah Fisher (violin)


Review: Terry Barlow

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