‘Topspin’ from Cardboard Fox - a thoroughly gorgeous listening experience

(April 27, 2018)

Occasionally, an album arrives that demands your undivided attention and for a while you really cannot concentrate on anything else. The latest, highly distinctive addition to that category is ‘Topspin’ from Cardboard Fox. The instrumentation is intricate, precise and Topspin - Cardboard Foxflowing, the harmonies simply luscious and everything about it sharply focused and assured. The essence of bluegrass is absolutely evident, as is a wealth of original expression through folk, pop and touches of jazz. There’s nothing to restrain ‘Topspin’ and everything to set its influences free to merge, integrate and coalesce, as supremely accomplished musicians lead you into its depths.

With a myriad of individualities to admire, the songs on ‘Topspin’ are wholly involving as you absorb their lyrical poetry and narrative quality ... from the gently reflective opener ‘Empty Skies’ and the sensitively fashioned lyrics of ‘Dynamite’ through the deep seated sadness and raw honesty of ‘Awful as Silence’ and the charismatic energy within ‘Roll Away’ to the insistent drive of ‘Right Swiper’ and the quiet understanding of ‘Until the Dawn’ ... all that’s required is to relish a thoroughly gorgeous listening experience.  

Cardboard Fox is Charlotte Carravick (vocals, guitar, mandolin, trumpet) Laura Carrivick (vocals, violin, octave violin, lap steel) John Breeze (bass, vocals, banjo) and Joe Tozer (vocals, mandolin, guitar) with josh Clark (percussion, vocals, drums, programming).

‘Topspin’ releases June 2018.


Review: Tim Carroll

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