‘I Want Blood’ from Suburban Dirts - demands and deserves the widest of exposure

(May 08, 2018)

The overall feel of this album opens with strangely ominous darkness, goes on to reveal an enigmatic and at times bizarre feel as songs deep with foreboding seated alongside ballads of I Want Blood Suburban Dirtsunderstanding. The essence is sinister, yet possessing oblique moments of lightness. The emphasis is doubtless driven by the tales of its subjects, The Harpe Brothers – murderous butchering outlaws often called ‘America’s first serial killers’. The depth of ‘I Want Blood’ from UK-based Americana band Suburban Dirts is increasingly obvious the longer you listen - setting out the terror inspired by their subjects, the ferocity of their crimes against, ultimate capture, the role of their women and a final refusal of redemption.

From menacing horror ‘The Harpe Brothers Theme’ the album leads into ‘Home’ one of the many instrumental interludes that bridge the songs, into the memories of ‘To Dance With You Again’ ahead of ‘Harpe Women’ that lays down its disquieting truth. The most powerful musical bridge is ‘The Wedding & the Uninvited’, a shattering listening experience that transitions into a truly disturbing ‘horror genre’ song ‘The Hunt’ and the terrible understanding within the ‘The Ballad of Little Harpe’.

There’s no way ‘I Want Blood’ could be called a 'safe' listen, not with its subject and lyrics. However this is an Americana work of genius taking the genre to places of blackness and releasing a side of humanity best kept locked away. ‘I Want Blood’ demands and deserves the widest of exposure because it’s bloody marvellous.


Review: Tom Franks

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