‘EVO’ from Skerryvore - synthesis of folk and rock, tradition and innovation

(May 20, 2018)

There’s a musical delight coming along in June 2018 – ‘EVO’ the sixth studio album from Skerryvore. The pleasure lies in their distinctive blend of potentially disparate but in their EVO - album coverhands, wholly integrated synthesis of folk and rock, tradition and innovation. Justifiably recognised for their ability to faultlessly fuse differing roots of musical influence and essence into a unique amalgam, Skerryvore have with this album taken another step on their journey. ‘EVO’ is tight, inspiring, driving and emotional - whether it’s tearing instrumentals pouring out power and passion or embracing heart-moving songs.

‘The Exorcists’ kicks off, building from wistful meanderings to a dominant guitar and pipe drive, from there a pair of Alec Daglish songs ‘At The End Of The Line’ and ‘Live Forever’ carry the expected depth of feeling and presence. The true magnetism of ‘EVO’ comes from the inspired contrasts between scintillating tune sets and meaningful hook-laden songs - from ‘Mile High’ to ‘Hold On’, and ‘Trip To Modera’ to ‘Waiting On The Sun’.

Skerryvore are Alec Dalglish (vocals, guitars) Daniel Gillespie (accordion) Martin Gillespie (Accordion, pipes, whistles) Scott Wood (pipes) Craig Espie (fiddle) Jodie Bremaneson (bass) Fraser west (drums) and Alan Scobie (keys).


Review: Charlie Elland

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