‘Bridges’ from The Idolins - a band with a sound that’s indisputably their own

(July 08, 2015)

A couple of years ago, I reviewed an EP called ‘Live At Paper Stone’ as “… beguiling contemporary folk”, and following the release of their new album ‘Bridges’, nothing has happened to make me change my mind about The Idolins. They continue to serve up intricate, finely crafted music, scintillating vocals, tight harmonies and supremely attractive melodies in a mix that makes ‘Bridges’ an bridges from the idolinsalbum that you will find hard to resist. With its deeply felt lyrics, a mix of guitars, mandolin and banjo weaving their way around perfectly-placed cello and rock-solid percussion they forge their distinctive sound.

The band commands immediate presence through ‘What Would You Change?’ introducing the full expanse of their sound with voices and instruments creating a mellifluous sound tapestry. The gentle opening and tender vocal of ‘Nothing Missing’ develops into a formidable combination of driving strings and power percussion to make for a potent song, that essence continues through the highly infectious folk-pop of ‘Can’t You See’ – a radio track if there ever was one. The lingering piano instrumental ‘The Bridge’ pours out a reflective edge that will have you hitting ‘replay’, before you encounter the lyrically lavish ‘Fill Your Life’ and ‘Take Me Home’ and the decidedly striking ‘Lay Your Worries Down’.

‘Bridges’ is an accomplished piece of work, a comprehensive package that establishes The Idolins as a band apart from the crowd. Buy yourself a copy of ‘Bridges’ … you will not regret it.

The Idolins are Karen Smalley (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano) Nick Scott (vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin) Hannah Barrs (cello, vocals, percussion) Mark Rice (djembe, cajon, percussion) Bar Morton (vocals, guitar, banjo, percussion). Find the band and the album here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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