‘Under The Rose’ from The Albion Band – a lost gem unearthed

(July 14, 2015)

Talking Elephant have released another ‘classic’ with the remastered ‘Under The Rose’ from The Albion Band. Now, it’s arguable that the vast majority of the folk world already has this album in their collection but for those under the rose from albion bandthat don’t, this 1984 release, unavailable for years, is now obtainable. To many ears this album represents a folk rock landmark and represents the gathering of a ‘classic’ Albion Band line up - featuring Cathy Lesurf vocals, Ashley Hutchings on bass, Phil Beer guitars, fiddle and mandolin, Trevor Foster drums, Doug Morter on electric guitar and Matt Clifford synthesisers and saxophone. However you rate ‘Under The Rose’ definitive or not, it represents a fundamental link in this nation’s folk rock annals, and should you not have a copy then this is for you.

For those that remember ‘back in the day’ the song line-up sets up a surge of memory as it runs through songs like ‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow’ and ‘Woodlands of England’ with haunting vocals plumbing powerful depths, the iconic and sometime anthemic ‘Dancing under the Rose’ and the faintly ominous ‘Broken’.

‘Under The Rose’ is re-released on Talking Elephant. Track listing: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Words, Rascals, Woodlands of England, Heart, Dancing under the Rose, Broken, Sailor's Rest Hornpipe / The Shipwreck.


Review: Charlie Elland

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