‘Waiting On You’ from Sam Lewis - immerse yourself in its embrace

(July 18, 2015)

The first thing that strikes you about Sam Lewis is the voice, a laid back sound that evokes cream sliding over black coffee, dark bourbon rippling over ice, whatever images it evokes it’s supremely soulful and deeply affecting. Simple as that. And sam-lewis-waiting-on-you-e1429542901732that’s what makes his album ‘Waiting On You’ something you’ll play again and again.

‘Waiting On You’ gives out tenderly crafted melodies, straight to the point lyrics and songs with a rawness of emotion without being unduly over the top. A whole wash of expression, from gentle to acute flows through songs like the compassionate reach of the opening ‘3/4 Time’, a deeply felt ache in ‘Waiting On You’, the punchy energy of ‘Things Will Never Be the Same’, the evocative tranquillity of ‘Talk To Me’ and the piercingly revealing ‘Texas’. The potency of this album is undoubted, the understated way it delivers its message is something you’ll relish.

Playing on ‘Waiting On You’ are Sam Lewis (vocals, acoustic guitar) with the added talents of JT Cure (bass guitar) Derek Mixon (drums, percussion) Will Kimbrough (electric guitar) Gabe Dixon (Wurlitzer piano) The McCrary Sisters, Kristina Train, The Wood Family (background vocals) Eric Fritsch (vibes) Jano Rix (piano) Kenny Vaughn (electric guitar) Oliver Wood (electric and acoustic guitar) Darrell Scott (lap steel) Mickey Raphael (harmonica) Martin Harley (resonator guitar).


Review: Tom Franks

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