‘Time Ashore’ by Kirsty Bromley - roots run deep while shoots grow strong

(August 03, 2015)

The enduring span of the English folk tradition continues to reveal young musicians ready to interpret their heritage, expand on their inspirations and ensure they take folk forward. With a collection of originals, collaborations, ‘traditionals’, interpretations and new arrangements Kirsty Bromley has time ashore kirsty bromleycrafted ‘Time Ashore’, a debut album that reveals delectably distinctive vocals coupled with a feel for expression and a lightness of touch that breathes life into every song.

The album opens with the unaccompanied ‘Caught Up on a Breeze’ and you’re instantly held by Kirsty’s voice and with the arrival of ‘Valley Song’ you’re hooked. Tradition is represented by finely interpreted versions of ‘Eat Drink & Be Jolly’, the softly seductive ‘Sweet Nightingale’ and the multi-versioned ‘Two Young Sisters’. There’s unmistakeable empathy tied up in Kirsty’s songs, whether she singing her own words, delivering collaborations or covering classics – listen to the stirring ‘English Ground’, her understanding of Dougie MacLean’s ‘All Who Wonder’ or the powerful honesty of ‘Rise Out of the Ashes’.

To condense the review, ‘Time Ashore’ by Kirsty Bromley holds a haunting attraction that proves the roots run deep while the shoots grow strong. Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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