‘Long Time Gone’ from Kinfolk - words to make you sit up and pay attention

(August 03, 2015)

Kinfolk are Brian McDaid and Gerry Power with fiddler Michael Sanderson, and their album ‘Long kinfolk long time goneTime Gone’ is an amalgam of contemporary folk reaching across a musical landscape inhabited by inspirations of Americana, touches of Celtic and English folk plus edges of bluesy rock to create a melange that takes the listener to many places. Much as I liked this album, occasionally its free ranging revelations and unexpected diverse directions made it hard to pin down, nothing wrong with that, it just takes you a while to absorb its directions.

Opening with the upbeat title track complete with sparkling fiddle breaks, the album progresses through a selection of original songs that move through the multicultural narrative of ‘Hands That Built America’, the unremitting scrutiny of ‘In The City’ and expounding their view of political greed and indifference, ‘The Party’s Over’.

 McDaid and Power write songs with lyrics that bite. The contrast between softness of delivery, intricate harmonies and intertwining musical webs ensure the frankness and rawness of the words make you sit up and pay attention, to understand, listen to ‘Something’s Wrong’.


Review: Charlie Elland

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