‘Frankie And The No Go Road’ – Rita Hosking - an involvement that will live with you a long time

(August 31, 2015)

Albums like ‘Burn’ and Little Boat’ first drew me to Rita Hosking’s blend of American folk, and I’m pleased to tell you that with the release of ‘Frankie And The No Go Road’ the attraction hasn’t faded one little bit. This one is more frankie and the no go road 001of a concept album that anything that’s gone before, drawing inspiration from books by Joseph Campbell and Dr. Jack Forbes, the result is part journey, part history, part reflection and part looking forward. The songs come supercharged with heart-touching lyrics that get straight to the point. Sometimes the words hurt, sometimes inspire as they examine the ‘hero’s’ world and experience with an honest but cathartic examination.

The sincerity of Rita’s vocals laid over pared back music reaches out to involve you in her songs, and it’s an involvement that makes ‘Frankie And The No Go Road’ something that will live with you along time. This will become one you will play again and again. Each song stands within its own tale yet combines to deliver the album’s theme - searching for future in ‘A Better Day’ leads in, followed by the frank reality in ‘Wetiko’ and the need to change and grow through ‘Power Moving In’, the powerful images of ‘Our Land’ and ‘Black Hole’ (impossible to ignore) and ‘Mama Said’ bringing back those words of wisdom we’ve all heard.

‘Frankie And The No Go Road’ features Rita Hosking (lead vocals, guitar, banjo, four-string guitar, harmonica) Rich Brotherton (guitar, banjo, mandolin, cittern, National guitar, bass, keyboards, harmony vocal) Glen Fukunaga (Upright bass) Dony Wynn (drums, percussion) Sean Feder (dobro, djembe) Kora Feder (harmony vocals) and Andy Lentz (violin) – the album releases 30 October 2015 - and it’s going to become a potent force in American folk. Website:

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