‘Bricks & Dust’ by Greg Harper - songs that simply ‘hit the spot’

(September 10, 2015)

When he released ‘Well Spun Lies’ a friend told me to listen to the music of Greg Harper – the result was an album of penetratingly powerful songs with lyrics that cut hard, wide and deep. In the bricks and dust greg harper 001singular role of ‘man with guitar’ he writes songs that quite simply ‘hit the spot’ following in the footsteps of those songwriters who know that their expressive work needs nothing more than the candour they present.

With his latest album, ‘Bricks & Dust’ there’s the same pertinent thought pattern behind the songs, the same unadorned simplicity, a voice that leads you into each song, and the same well-crafted approach that takes you through such nuggets as the critical home truths of ‘Cool Clear Water’, a prayer for the common soldier in ‘For King and Country’, a frank condemnation of promises sold in ‘Bricks & Dust’ and for social commentary and a certain sarcastic contemporary bite there’s ‘Silent Night’ (no not that one). And if we’re ever in need of a song to slap around the heads of the people that ‘govern’ this country look no further than ‘All Been Done Before’.

Playing alongside Greg Harper (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, percussion) on ‘Bricks & Dust’ are David Bennett (piano, electric piano, keyboard, electric guitar) Chris Denman (bass) and Graham Noon (keyboard).


Review: Charlie Elland

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