Iron and Wood’ from Old Hannah - ‘leaves you wanting more’

(September 10, 2015)

Ireland has long produced music bathed in its history, then there’s Irish music that escapes the bounds of tradition or re-invents its own heritage, now there’s a band that rides across both. They certainly take their influences from their homeland but they mix iron and wood ep 001that with a freedom to explore, energise and invent. Old Hannah gather the reins of folk, country, bluegrass and just about anything else that catches their attention, the result is the EP ‘Iron and Wood’. 

The lead track ‘West’ smacks of a strong Americana influence in both instrumentation and vocals, ‘Oh My Love’ moves into a more reflective vein before the soft expectation of ‘Boats’ takes another creative leap reinforcing their respect for and links to their heritage. Their fresh, innovative approach continues through the melodic richness of ‘With You I Ride’ before they expand the theme with ‘Iron And Wood’. The old adage of a good EP ‘leaving you wanting more’ holds true here, an album would allow the band to display considerably more of what is an obvious talent.

Old Hannah are Lucie Crichlow (guitar, mandolin, vocals) Luke Mercer (guitar, vocals) Anthony Mannion (Dobro, guitar, vocals) Leo Morris (banjo, guitar, vocals). Website:

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