'Pandemonium - The Essential Bellowhead' - absolutely everything you would expect

(September 27, 2015)

Back in June this year, to pretty much widespread sorrow, Bellowhead announced the frenetic 11-year party was over. To ensure the farewell is memorable they’ve set up a two-part tour spanning the tail-end pandemonium the essential bellowheadof 2015 and coursing into mid-2016. There’s also a ‘greatest hits’ collection, 'Pandemonium - The Essential Bellowhead' due for release on 16 October … and yes it contains absolutely everything you would expect.

Once Jon Boden made his decision to depart, the rest of the band decided to call time on the band’s existence, and this album, with 13 tracks taken from such landmarks as ‘Hedonism’, ‘Broadside’, ‘Revival’, ‘Matachin’ and ‘Burlesque’ will serve as a storming memorial to one of this country’s most rousing and exciting folk bands. Their distinctive combination of instruments, voice, choruses, melodies and iconic style set them apart from the first and continued to do so ever since. When items that were once brand names become so familiar they become descriptions for any product in the same category, and unlikely though it may be that Bellowhead will become as household as ‘Hoover’, ‘Jet Ski’ or ‘Biro’, it’s highly likely there will forever be a style of folk that’s ‘Bellowhead’.

Bellowhead's two-part farewell tour begins in November 2015 and continues through April 2016. The final act finishes where the band started, with an intimate gig at Oxford Town Hall on May Day 2016 – not one to be missed. Their view is simple but absolutely true: "The shows always finish on a high, and so should we." And it’s going to be one hell of a party.

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 Review: Tim Carroll

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