‘Confessions of the Seasons’ from Liz and the Lofty Things - idiosyncratic yet fundamentally alluring

(September 28, 2015)

Here’s an honest confession, until now I had not heard of Liz and the Lofty Things, now that could mean I’ve simply not had my radar tuned in their direction or perhaps they’ve kept the light of their talent hidden too well. Whatever the reason, the omission is now corrected because I’ve listened to their album ‘Confessions of the Seasons’, which in my view is original, liz and the lofty things album covercreative and ingenious … in short, outstanding and well worth a listen.

The twelve-track album ranges through sweeping folk expressions to gentle ballads, profound questioning to revealing illustrations with an intriguing musical mix that’s idiosyncratic yet fundamentally alluring. Distinctive, entrancing vocals, sweeping violin, intricate percussion and insightful lyrics hold your attention and keep you absorbed. The mix is typified through the opener ‘Call To Roam’, which encapsulates their imaginative musical and vocal approach, before the more upbeat yet equally striking ‘Look At Me Now’ takes you further into their soundscape. Stand out tracks include the thoughtful ‘Before The Dust’, the arresting and skilfully constructed ‘Nicole’, while the slightly unsettling ‘The Beast’ offers a haunting memory.

Liz and the Lofty Things are Liz Williams (vocal, guitar, finger piano, glockenspiel) Corinna Sanett (violin) Chris Ross (bass) Katie Stephenson (drums) Kylie Earle - backing vocals) Jen Ewbank (flute) and joining them on ‘Confessions of the Seasons’ is producer and mixer Mark Estall (banjo, ukulele and various instruments).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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