‘About Time’ debut album from Andy May Trio - leading you through a maze of enchantment

(October 06, 2015)

The website states: “High energy traditional music from Northumberland.” It’s certainly that and about time 001more. Three musicians playing with symmetry, passion and an interaction so tight it’s seamless. There’s also a stirring collection of traditional and self-penned tunes that slip, spring and sparkle.  And what we’re talking about here is ‘About Time’, the debut album from the Andy May Trio, a gathering of three award-winning musicians from Newcastle … Northumbrian piper Andy May, guitarist Ian Stephenson and fiddler Sophy Ball … playing music inspired by their North East homeland.

The music flows with a lightness of touch, moving from fluid originality through inspired inventiveness. The Andy May Trio span tradition with such attractions as the spritely rise and fall of ‘Bonapart’s Expedition/ Lang Stay’d Away’ and ‘The Sailor’s Wife/ Quick and Merry’, to move through the jaunty and emotive ‘Learn to Hambo/ Eric Stephenson of Crookhill’ penned by Ball and May respectively and Stephenson’s exceedingly emotive ‘Leaving Copenhagen’.

‘About Time’ weaves its magic with smoothness and subtlety, the obvious connection between musicians and music extending to connect with the listener. Before you know it you’re entranced as the music eases and soothes, leading you through its maze of enchantment. This is a thoroughly beautiful album.

‘About Time’ releases on 17 October, find artists and album here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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