‘On Your Wings’ by The Seagulls - engenders a feeling of peace and tranquillity

(October 20, 2015)

There’s an enigmatic, unworldly feel about ‘On Your Wings’ by The Seagulls (acoustic duo Nowell and Annette) that engenders a feeling of peace and tranquillity. It’s also like listening to a shared experience sealed in a the seagulls on your wingsmoment in time, which is strange because although the songs offer a discerning focus of personal revealing tales there’s a wider involvement of outward-looking narratives. This is not all peace and serenity, move deeper into the lyrics and you find songs that embrace hard times, the scars of understanding as well as the hope for the future – all in all a fine piece of American folk.

‘On Your Wings’ is replete with delicately engaging melodies and almost fragile harmonies to encircle the listener. The voices have a clear sympathy - Nowell’s mellow vocals joined with Annette’s delicate tenderness (perhaps with the slightest echo of Melanie Safka). The album lays down some distinctive markers with the calibre of lyrics and catchy hooks. Listen to the title track ‘On Your Wings’, the wholly absorbing ‘When Are We’ the relaxed laid back ‘Bring on the Rhythm & Blues’, ‘Trying not to Love you’ and the quiet observations of ‘Run River Run’ – you’ll soon find out what this album has to offer.

The Seagulls are Nowell (vocals, harmonies, guitar, bass, mandolin, slide guitar) and Annette (vocals, harmonies, mandolin, guitar), their website is and you could do much worse than immerse yourself in ‘On Your Wings’.

Review: Tom Franks

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