‘The Kingdom Belongs to a Child’ by Cashavelly Morrison - an album deserving recognition

(October 31, 2015)

This is a profoundly moving and heart-rending piece of Americana folk. Deeply set in American roots traditions coupled with Appalachian balladic heritage ‘TheKingdom Belongs to a Child’ by cashvelly morrisonCashavelly Morrison is an album of singular presence. Misfortune and adversity are no stranger to this lady - broken back, six months in a brace, a miscarriage and loss of her father – tribulations that did not break her spirit but instead became the crucible to forge this album.

These self-penned songs pull no punches - raw emotion unafraid to expose itself, powerful imagery revealed, often-hidden feelings set free - a combination that uncovers the depths of both personal tragedy and the wider travail of humanity. Cashavelly Morrison possesses a warm, sultry, expressive voice that breathes life into her songs, add evocative melodies and this is something not to ignore. Sure there's the examination of grief and suffering in these words but there’s also a sense of empowerment, coming face to face with life and turning its vagaries and disappointments into a testimony that makes ‘The Kingdom Belongs to a Child’ an album deserving of the recognition that must follow.

The artists on ‘The Kingdom Belongs to a Child’ are Cashavelly Morrison (vocals) Ryan MacLeod (vocals, guitar, banjo) Matthew Smith (pedal steel, Dobro) Zack page (upright bass) Jon Ashley (drums, percussion) and Andy John (harmonica).


Review: Tom Franks

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