‘Already Home’ by The Rheingans Sisters - music of one mind

(October 30, 2015)

Following their 2013 debut album ’Glad Gold Hearts’, The Rheingans Sisters, Rowan and Anna will release ‘Already Home’ in November 2015.  The span of their music voyages through this album reflecting tradition to alreadyhome_rbrcd28contemporary, taking in influences, inspiration and interpretation from France, England, Sweden and Norway. Throughout, there’s a relaxed delicacy imbued with a demonstration of skilled playing that personifies the sisters’ music. And therein lies some of the intimacy and sympathetic understanding that exists to create this music, for only when musicians attain the levels of symbiosis that exists between siblings do you get music of one mind.

Their improvisation and experimentation sits so comfortably with the roots of tradition that they become indistinguishable one form the other in this wholly pure and natural album. Opening with their versions of two delicious traditional instrumentals ‘Bourrées’ and ‘Peyrat’s Cat’ they move into Rowan’s intensely moving song ‘Mackerel’ and Anna’s mischievous ‘Slängpolska Pour Une Auvergnate’. The non-traditional five-string banjo is given a dance workout with ‘Banjo Branle’, there’s the evocative harmony magic of the wedding marches in ‘Sortitz Sortitz’ and if a tune could wear a grin on its face then it would be ‘Rainy Day Polska’.

‘Already Home’ is simply worth every moment you spend listening.


Review: Charlie Elland

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