‘Spaceships There Are’ - Marvin B. Naylor - an EP to give Salvador Dali a run for his money

(November 14, 2015)

That somewhat eccentric exponent of left-field psych-influenced jazz-touched alternative folk, Marvin B. Naylor, has released a new EP. That it itself is cause for listening, just to discover what the creator of such idiosyncratic albums as ‘The Stargazer’s Symphonium’ and ‘Earth And All The Universes’ has come up spaceships there are from marvin b naylorwith now. Well for starters, the EP ‘Spaceships There Are’ is as impossible to categorise and equally impenetrable, filled with bizarrely intricate soundscapes that blend jazz, rock, folk, psychedelia and surreal meandering. The airy vocals remain, as do the echoing choral effects, the layers of instrumentation built around soaring acoustic guitars and the explorative lyrics - the overriding impression is of aural surrealism, this is an album to give Salvador Dali a run for his money.

The experience begins with the title track, ‘Spaceships There Are’ coming at you from so many directions it makes your head swim as ethereal electronics sweep around acoustics, while vocals edge their way through the layers. The initially simplistic strings of ‘Wondering Star’ grow into a multi-level orchestral sweep with questioning ‘what is life’ vocals, while ‘Brief Encounter’ opens with a fairground calliope muse before falling into a soft piano echoing dream-like sequence of Floyd-esque sound-bending and twisting, before the final track reveals a jolly reverie of choral vocals with ‘The Pirouettist’.

Throughout I couldn’t help feeling that this EP should be the experimental soundtrack for an indie film, it certainly has that quality. As with his other offerings, this EP takes time, hearing once is not enough to break into the experience, which means that some may not bother, and that would be a shame. Website:

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