‘Undercurrents’ by Amy Duncan - melodies that haunt and lyrics that touch the soul

(November 27, 2015)

For the last few days I’ve been devoted to Amy Duncan’s forthcoming album ‘Undercurrents’, due for release in February 2016, and I’m pleased to tell you it’s a spectacularly wonderful investment. ‘Undercurrents’ offers the simple amy duncan undercurrentsattraction of lovingly-crafted music and when you participate in the experience I’m sure you’ll become equally dedicated. The progression between this and her previous album, ‘Cycles of Life’ is considerable, the depth of feeling is as strong as before but Amy has ‘grown’ as a songwriter and composer delivering melodies that haunt and lyrics that genuinely touch the soul.

The album opens with the delicately delivered ‘The Good Life’ and it instantly takes you out of yourself, that is until ‘Fragile From The Storm’ sweeps in and expands the beautiful tones of Amy’s vocals. These songs have a quality that possesses the listener and there’s nothing else you want to do but immerse yourself in their captivating embrace. The lyrics offering essential messages that constantly reach out. There’s a hypnotic edge to ‘Different Dimensions’ and ‘All My Love’ that compels and captivates, while the intoxicating simplicity of ‘The Truth Never Changes’ overflows with honesty.

Amy Duncan plays acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano, keyboard and double bass, writes the songs plus writes and arranges the strings, also featured on ‘Undercurrents’ are Fiona Rutherford (harp) Lawrie MacMillan (bass guitar) Liam Bradley (drums, percussion) and Scottish Chamber Orchestra musicians Sijie Chen (violin) Jane Atkins (viola) and Donald Gillan (cello). Find Amy’s website here:

Amy is raising funds to promote and press the album on vinyl and CD through crowd funding platform Pledge - all pledgers receive an instant download of two singles from the album. There’s a ‘listening evening’ on 6 February at Loud & Clear in Edinburgh. The vinyl record releases through Diverse Vinyl.

Review: Tim Carroll

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