‘Downtown’ compilation by Various Artists from Folkstock Records

(November 30, 2015)

In a relatively short time Folkstock Records has established itself as the ‘go to’ place for those folk artists that many other labels ignore. And the result of their 'opportunity creation' has delivered some outstanding artist to a wider and highly appreciative audience. Without discrimination by position in the genre, longevity or gender, Folkstock has consistently ‘done a fine job’ in bringing folk music to your ears. Their latest release is ‘Downtown’, a downtown 001compilation of ‘taster tracks’ from artists’ forthcoming albums and ‘special recordings’ made exclusively for this album.

The list of artists includes those building reputations and those already launched on impressive careers. The incredibly talented Kelly Oliver sings ‘Miles to Tralee’, the sultry-voiced Mariana Florence offers the sombre ‘Little Black Cloud’ and the blues, folk, rock combination of Fred’s House deliver ‘Shut Up and Dance’ … all from forthcoming 2016 albums. The special recordings include Zoe Wren’s intensely evocative ‘Nothing To See’, the deeply moving ‘When You Go’ from Kaity Rae and the pure distinctive voice of Daria Kulesh giving life to ‘The Moon and the Pilot’. Also on ‘Downtown’ are two tracks from Minnie Birch’s album ‘Floundering’ and one from Ben Smith’s EP ‘Sampler Vol 1’.

If you’re familiar with the work of these artists then ‘Downtown’ presents both previously unheard ‘specials’ and previews of what’s to come in the New Year. All in all, a compilation of folk music that deserves a listen.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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