‘Old Adam’ from Fay Hield and The Hurricane Party - utterly distinctive and meaningful

(December 08, 2015)

There’s something profoundly natural and organic about ‘Old Adam’ from Fay Hield and The Hurricane Party, due for release in January 2016. This album lives, pulses and breathes with a being of its own, a presence brought out through its ‘living’ collection of traditional songs rewoven in refreshing, original configurations. The mix runs through the compelling ‘Green Gravel’, through the combination of lyrics blended into ‘Raggle fay hield old adamTaggle Gypsy’ and the scintillating ‘Katie Catch’ to a supremely heartfelt version of ‘Old Adam’.

Throughout the album, Fay’s utterly distinctive and meaningful vocals give the songs a level of authenticity not always present when old songs receive original treatments. The musical variations course through complex to modest. Listen to the medieval-edged narrative of ‘Queen Eleanor's Confession’, involving tales like ‘The Hornet And The Beetle’ and ‘Jack Orion’ and a vibrant take on ‘Long Time Ago’.

This is an outstanding folk album, it’s everything the English tradition needs and it’s quite simply something to play and play again. ‘Old Adam’ is released on 12 February 2016 on Soundpost Records

Playing alongside Fay Hield on ‘Old Adam’ are Sam Sweeney (fiddle) Rob Harbron (concertina) Roger Wilson (guitar, fiddle) Toby Kearney (percussion) and Ben Nichols (bass) with special guests Jon Boden (guitar  fiddle) and Martin Simpson Guitar). Find Fay here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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