‘Songs of Separation’ by Various Artists - a significant treat

(December 09, 2015)

Never mind how frequently we are separated from people and places that mean so much to us, every time separation and sadness go hand in hand. Now there’s an album that explores the depths of separation on both songs of seperation album coverindividual and wider levels. ‘Songs of Separation’ brings together ten female folk musicians from Scotland and England, using traditional and self-penned songs to: ‘reflect on the issue of separation in its many forms’. And if you want to examine all that separation means then you really don’t need to go further than this.

The themes explored move from the intensely personal through wider political and social comment to issues of physical and mental estrangement that impact on us all. The artists describe their objectives thus: “Providing a ‘thread through time’, joining us to previous generations who shared the same human experiences and responses to separation, and to the generations that will follow.” And in my view they’ve achieved exactly what they set out to do.

‘Songs of Separation’ combines folk icons that quite simply require no introduction other than to provide a stellar listing of talent that includes: Eliza Carthy and Karine Polwart, Mary Macmaster and Kate Young, Hannah James, Hazel Askew and Rowan Rheingans, Jenn Butterworth and Jenny Hill and Hannah Read. Scan that list of musicians and before you listen it’s a fair bet you’re in for a significant treat, and that’s exactly what you get as ‘Songs of Separation’ delivers on so many levels.

‘Songs of Separation’ releases in January 2016 on Navigator Records.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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