‘These Are The Days’ from Burning Bridget Cleary - creating something different

(January 07, 2016)

‘New is easy, different is difficult’ - long have I adopted that view and often used it to set the difference between bands. Those that offer something new and those that make the difference, among the latter are Burning Bridget Cleary. Listen to their album ‘These Are The Days’ and it becomes one of those that holds you from the first note and remains with you for simply ages. these are the days from burning bridget clearlyThis is the tradition respected and adored, it’s also innovative musicianship making its mark and creating something different. 

Intriguingly named after an unfortunate woman popularly described as ‘the last witch burned in Ireland’, about which many words continue, Burning Bridget Cleary are themselves naturally the subject of considerable concentration, and rightly deserved too. Vibrant, vivacious, infectious and captivating, pick your choice of words to describe what you hear. ‘These Are The Days’ spans the depth of melodic, Celtic tradition yet sits comfortably within its undeniably eclectic mix. 

The musicianship is of the highest order, harmonies tight and controlled, energy rampant and commitment evident. Opening with a scintillating ‘Madam I’m A Darling’ before swinging into the finely crafted slip jigs of ‘Chloe’s Passion’, they add truly powerful rendoiton of ‘Another Day’. Other delights include two delightfully original polkas, ‘A Day in the Life of Lou’, which slide into Brian Buchanan’s lovely ‘Bill Oja’s Waltz’ featuring Buchanan on lead violin, the expressive ‘The Mountain’ and for good measure, the jaunty enthusiasm of ‘Scones of Boxty’.

Burning Bridget Cleary are Rose baldino (fiddle, vocals, banjo) Amy Beshara (fiddle, vocals) Lou Baldino (guitar, bass) Peter Trezzi (djembe, percussion), on selected tracks they’re joined by Brian Buchanan (fiddle, vocals) John McGillian (button accordion) Andrew Forbes (Scottish border pipes0 Nate Godshall (bodhrán) Lorcán Brady (fiddle) Liam King (accordion) Joe Junker (guitar) and james Frawley (concertina).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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