‘Another Fragile Year’ by Robin Mitchell - filled to the brim with depth and meaning

(January 07, 2016)

Listening to ‘Another Fragile Year’ leaves you with the distinct impression of gently intimate poetry put to softly shimmering music. another fragile year by robin mitchell -Crafted by Bristol-based singer songwriter Robin Mitchell, 'Another Fragile Year' is one of those albums that at first listen seems almost too modest for its own good, almost apologetic in its delivery. Then, as you keep listening the depth of the writing begins to pour through. Unpretentious in the most understated way, unassuming perhaps but filled to the brim with depth and meaning, with music that has no more than it needs and words with so much significance

The songs catalogue a range of emotions, personal, public, inward looking and expansive ... through the reflective ‘Woe is me’, the observations of ‘How can we call on God’, the softly engaging ‘Summer came’ and the eloquently ominous ‘Do not let the darkness overtake you’ Mitchell’s words hold you in their grip. This album needs one thing from you ... time, give it that and it will give you far more in return.

‘Another Fragile Year’ is written, performed and recorded by Robin Mitchell, with Mark van de Poll (electric piano) Liam Owen (double bass) Perran Mitchell (drums and percussion) Molly Bridgeman (clarinet) and Esther Wilcox, Joey Mitchell, Chloe Newnham (voices).


Review: Charlie Elland

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