‘Sex & Politics’ from Cam Penner - a latent force that’s waiting to break free

(January 09, 2016)

A kind of shock reverberates through your head when you hear Cam Penner’s album ‘To Build a Fire’ nothing that has gone before could prepare your ears for its powerful folk rock, country blues cam penner sex and politicscombination. Now comes ‘Sex & Politics’ and it’s equally disconcerting but for a different reason, there's a softer side on display. It doesn’t make its point in quite the same punching, percussive, growly way, but its wider and more eclectic sweep is equally strong, mostly down to the impression there’s always a barely restrained, latent force that’s waiting to break free.

The drive remains, although with this album softer expressions moves in, listen to ‘I’m Calling Out’ and ‘Broke Down’ and you’re treated to its more contemplative and softer approach, with Penner entreating your attention. Then again, move on with ‘I Believe’ and ‘Hey You (Lovers of Music)’ the force of Penner’s vocals leave you in no doubt where the power in this album belongs. These two extremes then come together in songs like ‘Come Back To Me’ and ‘Honey’.

Between the two musicians on ‘Sex & Politics, Cam Penner and Jon Wood, there’s an undeniable alchemy at work, their combined skills ensure the transmutation of ‘base’ material something ‘noble’. Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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