‘Summer Leaves’ from aerynn - richly expressive vocals and a softly, subtle guitar

(January 09, 2016)

Listening to ‘Summer Leaves’, a mini-album or EP, from singer songwriter aerynn, is essentially a aerynnpositive warming experience, this is despite the fact that the five songs are presented through sorrowful sometime melancholy even regretful lyrics. They examine feelings of loss, battered emotions and sadness, yet there’s also a strong vein of resilience running through each one. The feelings of warmth come through aerynn’s richly expressive, soulful vocals and a softly, subtle guitar. 

An American living in Macclesfield, Cheshire (many of us make the UK home) with ‘Summer Leaves’ aerynn offers a selection of songs written in Hawaii and both coasts of mainland USA. She describes her music as: “... embracing a corroded folk intimate style with acoustic guitar or piano to accompany her lyrical, vocal-driven songs” an observation which I agree with entirely. As to the songs, from the opening of ‘Wait For Me’ to the closing ‘If The Ocean Had No Edge’ there wasn’t a moment when my attention wandered, I had to hear what was coming next, and if pushed I would say my favourite is the deeply intense narrative of ‘Returning’ is the highlight.

Writing all the songs and music on ‘Summer Leaves’ aerynn plays guitar and sings, she’s joined on upright bass by Ray Brassfield. Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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