‘Elvis’ from The Equatorial Group - touches of Americana seeded with the essence of acoustic English folk

(January 18, 2016)

After listening to the EP ‘Elvis’ from The Equatorial Group their elvis the equatorial groupmusic certainly deserves a wider exposure. However, it remains difficult to adequately describe their sound. Perhaps one could say touches of Americana seeded with the essence of acoustic English folk or maybe pop-tinged balladic expression, add to that entreating vocals with slices of expansive harmony over a delicate musical weave ... such descriptions both hit and miss the mark, so possibly the best solution is just to say ‘listen and decide’, you won’t be disappointed.

The East Sussex-based and intriguingly-named The Equatorial Group, offer only four songs on the EP, which as we have oft-repeated about good music, is rarely enough but leaves you wanting more. The opening track ‘Wrong Song’ is a multi-layered and expansive, evoking a faintly sixties influence with ethereal vocals and attention-grabbing guitar and drums, before the more insistent ‘Toy Shark’ arrives with its pulsing presence. ‘Colourful’ takes a more contemplative turn with a single voice delivering its sorrowful poetic lyrics, before breaking into its wider bass, drum and guitar expression, closing out the EP the upbeat ‘Motorbikes’ once again reveals the band’s trade mark musical and vocal mix.

To summarise, this is an EP of merit, and there must be an album in the offing, so how long do we have to wait? The Equatorial Group are Teresa Fox (keys, vocals) Andy Tourle (bass, vocals) Dave Davies (guitar, vocals) James Hillman (drums) and Helen Weeks (vocals, guitar).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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