‘Time’ by Roseanna Ball - songs that make you ‘feel’ every word

(January 18, 2016)

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Roseanna Ball released an album in 2014 called ‘Geography’, which attracted from the first, now comes the follow up ‘Time’, which shows how far roseanna ball timeRoseanna has come as a musician and lyricist. This is an album with a palpable magnetism - a voice that takes the songs from warm and mellow to powerful and moving, instrumentation that augments but never interferes. There’s an indefinable something that certain artists bring to songs that make you ‘feel’ every word, Roseanna belongs to that select group.

The songs on ‘Time’ are clearly personal. They offer a sharp focus on life as viewed from the inside, they relate experience both good and bad, their stories are told with words that pierce like knives, and messages that strike home. Each track holds its own particular and precise magic that together make this album something rather special, but if pushed then I would commend you listen to the depths and revelations of songs like ‘The Thatcher’, ‘Down In The Depths’, ‘Bullseye’ and ‘Hold Tight’ for the combination of poetry and narrative. And if there’s a song that’s going to hit you then it’s the tender, raw emotion of ‘Too Soon’ – possibly the most meticulous song about human loss I’ve heard in a long time.

All the songs on ‘Time’ are written, played and sung by Roseanna Ball with Neville Pope adding backing vocals. Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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