‘Flock & Fly’ from Rob Harbron & Emma Reid - an album of remarkable magnetism

(February 02, 2016)

Renowned instrumentalists Rob Harbron and Emma Reid have combined their talents, influences and roots to create ‘Flock & Fly’, blending tunes from the English tradition with musical influences from Sweden and Shetland to generate an album of flockandfly rob harbron and emma reidremarkable magnetism. This is a supremely tender piece of work with its musicians finding the subtleties within the music and expressing them clearly and concisely. Relax into their inspiring music tand explore the nuances of ‘Flock and Fly’.

The music range is extensive, from waltz ‘November Waltz’ and ‘Moving Back Home’ through hornpipe ‘Grand Hornpipe’ and ‘Camberwell’ to polkas and marches with ‘Julien’s Original Polka’ and ‘Da Unst Bridal March’. The pairing and blending of tunes and song forming an intricate fabric as tradition mixes with self-penned and never a join in sight.

There cannot be many unaware of the musicians. Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Rob Harbron, arguably one of the best known English concertina players with a pedigree of collaboration across many well respected bands, while fiddle and viola expert Emma Reid who also plays and records with many artists is recognised as National Fiddler in Sweden. And if that’s not enough to whet an appetite to hear ‘Flock & Fly’ I don’t know what else is required.

‘Flock & Fly’ is presented by Rob Harbron (English concertina, guitar and vocals) and Emma Reid (fiddle, viola, vocals) with Goran Wennerbrandt (Weissenborn guitar - tracks 10/11). Release date April 2016. Websites: and

Review: Charlie Elland

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