‘Astrophysics Saved My Life’ from Rivers of England - looks outward as much as it looks inward

(February 06, 2016)

Attempting to describe what you hear to other people through words is always a challenge, although sometimes it approaches a trial too far. Without doubt, Rivers of England is a band that softly combines the rivers of england astrophysics saved my lifeelements of folk and rock, but the mix also includes components of jazz, blues and psychedelia, with more than a touch of experimentation throughout. To understand you really have to listen

Their new album ‘Astrophysics Saved My Life’, occupies that places between where ‘the predictable’ lives and ‘the unexpected’ takes over. More than simple folk-rock and far more complex than pop, deeper in expression, wider in scope, this album looks outward as much as it looks inward. The lyrics explore forward and refer back, the vocals entice, compulsive melodies weave their way around your ears, connections are made. The experience opens with the perspective of ‘In Universe, In Universe’ before the expanding space of ‘Astrophysics Saved My Life’ and .... of ‘Underneath The Moon’ arrive, while the deliberation of ‘Waves’ carries its own messages of moving onward and outward as does the understated need of ‘Love, Science & Peace’.

‘Astrophysics Saved My Life’ features Rob Spalding (guitar, vocals) Jacob Tyghe (electric bass) Brian Madigan (percussion) Danyal Dhondy (viola) Robert Primrose (violin) Bill Owsley (double bass) Patch Morgan (drums) Annie Tyhurst (cello) Chris Chislett (keys - Rhodes, piano and accordion) and Beth Porter (cello, vocals). Website: www.riversof 

Review: Charlie Elland

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