‘In America’ by Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby - takes you into its narratives

(February 19, 2016)

Introduction is superfluous with artist like Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby ... a catalogue of milestone albums, a pedigree born out of years performing and associations with bands and artists that position their skills and talents individually and collectively. So the arrival of their latest album ‘In America’ is eagerly awaited – a voice that leaves in-america-album-covertracks on your soul and a touch on guitars that personifies scintillating, that’s Craig and Willoughby.

The songs on this album blend subtle touches of Americana with softly placed English folk and together they hold an enchantment that takes you into its narratives, leading you through experiences, lives, people and places into the histories behind the tales. No matter how many times I hear songs like the title track ‘In America’ they always cut deeper than you first expect and this one is no exception, the personal reflections and memories of ‘Malahide’ are equally powerful. The raw emotion laid bare in ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is almost touchable, while the longing laid down in ‘These Old Stone Walls’ takes you deep into fragile family history, from there the fatalism of ‘Whatever Is For You’ and ‘One More Song’ simply give of themselves and once heard continue giving.

Cathryn Craig (vocals, guitars) and Brian Willoughby (guitars) Thomm Jutz (guitars, bass, mandola) Jeff Taylor (whistles, accordion) Mark Fain (bass) Fran Breen (drums) Dennis Bryon (drums) Pat McInerney (drums) Brent Moyer (guitars) Andy Reiss (guitars) Ron de la Vega (cello) and Richard Bailey (banjo).

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