‘Jump The Fire’ from Evie Laden Band - tradition and innovation, new-style and old-time holding hands

(February 22, 2016)

Recognised as a banjo-ace and owner of one of the most sultry moody voices in American folk, Evie Ladin writes jump the fire 001and delivers some wicked songs, and on her latest album ‘Jump The Fire’ there’s all you could want and more. ‘Jump The Fire’ features the Evie Laden Band with the talents of Keith Terry and Erik Pearson and if there’s a place where tradition and innovation, new-style and old-time sit down holding hands - it’s on this album.

The rhythm is hypnotic, strings soothe and swing, the body music seductive while the percussion bites and chews and throughout there’s a feeling that you’ve been invited into a smoky back-room to join the band for an evening of music and song.

From the eponymous ‘Jump The Fire’ throguh the subtleties and dusky warmth of ‘Cozy’, ‘Honey Lou’ and ‘Heat of the Day’ to the sparkle and jump of ‘CooCoo’ and the sultry ‘Walking in a Straight Line’ this is an album that pulls you into its embrace. Its grip is powerful, its music pungent, its lyrics scorching – ‘Jump The Fire’ is an intense brew. Jump in you’ll never want to jump out.

The artists creating ‘Jump The Fire’ are Evie Laden (lead vocal, banjo, guitar, body music) Keith Terry (vocal, bass, percussion, body music) Erik Pearson (vocal, guitar, resophonic guitar, bass, gourd banjo). Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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