‘Whispered’ by Jonas and Jane - a perfect example of the art

(March 01, 2016)

After many years as a UK-based American I’m no longer surprised at the calibre and quality of Americana that lives and breathes this side of the pond. The latest to come my way is courtesy of an impressive UK duo, Jonas whispered-ep-coverand Jane. This pair lay down some serious harmonies backed by equally impressive bluegrass guitar picking and banjo. 

Their EP ‘Whispered’ serves up various slices of Americana fare, from the outstanding harmonies and steel guitar-driven straightforward message of ‘The Travelling Kind’ through the downhome banjo taste of old time mountain music with ‘Down For Dead’ to the throwback memories of ‘Farewell For Good’ with voices sublimely blended over acoustic guitar and mandolin.

Their combination of shared lead vocals allied to harmonies without-an-audible-join makes for an EP that is a perfect example of the art, with Jonas weaving a sizeable amount of magic through resonator guitar, pedal steel, Dobro and mandolin and Jane’s seductive vocals with edgy harmonica. The EP’s title track ‘Whispered’, appears at number four in the five-track listing, and changes the tone to a reflective look at what was and what might have been, and it’s simply gorgeous; the EP rounds out with ‘Think Of Me’ and more of those silky smooth harmonies.


Review: Tom Franks

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