‘Secret Garden’ by Amy Goddard “... moves you closer to the artist"

(March 16, 2016)

There are songwriters that reveal themselves through their songs, those that observe world about amy goddard album 001them, while some expound folk lore and legends and others create people and places from inside their heads. Amy Goddard has the ability to combine all those inspirations into songs that when you listen moves you closer to the artist and she has to you.

Her forthcoming album, ‘Secret Garden’ leads the listener to a myriad of places through a range of emotions along a journey that takes in family memories, confidentitality of canines, death of a highwayman, mining in Utah and the lure of the sea. And although those influence may be wide and varied there’s a continuity to the songs on ‘Secret Garden’ ... and that’s an expressive voice that gives life to their messages.

The album opens with an intensely reflective observation on the power of music, ‘Words of Sweet Music’ and through that short song your attention is fixed, before you scummub to the magic of the title track ‘The Secret Garden’ and the beautifully rendered ‘Gladdie’ - a moving tribute to Amy’s grandmother. For anyone that ever shared thoughts with a dog ‘Jessie’s Song’ will touch you in a way that’s deliciously painful, filled with foreboding ‘The Highwayman’ could only end one way and the vivid illustration of ‘Near The Sea’ is almost tangible. And if there’s a more expressive, acoustic version of Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’, I’ve yet to hear it.

Playing on ‘Secret Garden’ are Amy Goddard (vocals, acoustic guitar, mandocello, bass, tambourine, percussion) joined on selected tracks by Jonathan Lewis (lead guitar, electric and bass guitars,) Andy Adams, DiElle, Brian Kutscher (backing vocals) Naomi Hutchings (violin) Tony Brown (hammer dulcimer) Paul Freemantle (whistle).

‘Secret Garden’ releases on 18 April 2016, find it and Amy Goddard here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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