‘When Sorrow Calls’ from Hope In High Water - unfussed acoustic Americana folk

(March 25, 2016)

There’s something simplistically vibrant about the EP ‘When Sorrow Calls’ from Hope In High Water, who are Josh Chandler Morris hope in high waterand Carly Slade - and within their unfussed acoustic Americana folk these two have got something worth taking time with. There’s a clear reference to the folk-American tradition, and there’s also a freshness that comes from the artists singing about subjects that mean something to them on a clearly personal and private level. There is however, within that privacy a wider appeal that makes their music supremely accessible.

However you let it reach you, the element that lifts ‘When Sorrow Calls’ is the interaction between two voices that know how to work their chosen genre to the max, together and indpendently, and that’s not all that common.

There are only four songs on offer ... longing and questioning flowing through ‘When Sorrow Calls’ and ‘Who’s Gonna Hold Your Hand’ expressly through the combination of softly struck strings and anguished vocals. The hard story of ‘When You’re Gone’ lives through the verse-by-verse interaction of the voices and times when they come together in harmony, and ‘Angels in Heaven’ completes the quartet, with more of what makes this duo so attractive.


Review: Tom Franks

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