‘Here's My Heart Come Take It’ from Rachel Newton - incredibly distinctive and individual

(April 04, 2016)

With an enviable musical pedigree that includes The Shee, The Emily Portman Trio and The Furrow Collective to name but a few, singer and harpist Rachel Newton is set to release her third solo heres my heart come take it rachel newtonalbum ‘Here's My Heart Come Take It’ on the 15th April 2016, and if there’s one thing you should do this April it’s go out and buy a copy. Do so and you will find yourself in possession of a collection of traditional songs combined with Rachel’s own distinctive arrangement to create the resulting amalgam of tradition blended with originality, inspiration and innovation.

The seamless integration of invention and creativity that Rachel brings to her musical heritage sits perfectly alongside the roots of tradition to create ‘Here's My Heart Come Take It’. Rachel absorbs sources wide and varied – Max Hunter Folk Song Collection, Child Ballads, Roud Folk Song Index, the words of Sir Walter Scott, adds her own tunes and interpretations and produces material that’s incredibly distinctive and individual. With an inspirational touch on harp, piano and keyboards and a voice that brings out every nuance needed to wholly express the songs this is an album of class and distinction.

‘Here's My Heart Come Take It’ features Rachel Newton (vocals, harps, piano, keyboards) Mattie Foulds (drums) Lauren MacColl (fiddle, viola) and Michael Owers (sousaphone, trombone, flugelhorn).


Review: Charlie Elland

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