‘Bellowhead Live’ - two-CD and one-DVD package and a fine tribute to the band

(April 05, 2016)

Announcements of band break ups can be greeted with sighs of relief as there was clearly nothing more to give, often with tinges of sadness that something magical has died and sometimes with wonder as there seemed so bellowhead live album covermuch more to come. The forthcoming demise of Bellowhead has prompted both sorrow and bewilderment from their fans, for here was something different, vibrant and exciting ... a live band of excellence and a seemingly unstoppable force in folk music.

However the time has come and their last ever tour kicks off on 13 April, finishing forever on 1 May. And as a fitting farewell, they’ve delivered the album, ‘Bellowhead Live’ a two-CD and one-DVD package that contains 52 live tracks freshly-recorded from their November 2015 tour with a 24-page hard-cover colour booklet. The result is an encapsulation of everything that made Bellowhead exactly what they were and will remain ... a dramatic expression of exhilarating folk taken to places few thought it would ever go. Naturally, everything you could expect is there: ‘Roll Alabama’, ‘Lilibulero’, ‘What’s The Life Of a man’, ‘Roll The Woodpile Down’, ‘Byker Hill’, ‘The Wife of Usher’s Well’ and ‘New York Girls’ ... the list is endless, well 29 CD tracks and 23 on the DVD.

It’s true that some ‘Best of’ and ‘Live’ albums can on occasion, deliver a little disappointment, with possibly more marketing than substance, not so here. If you turned on to Bellowhead you’re going to turn on to this and if nothing else it’s a fine tribute to the band.

‘Bellowhead Live’ releases on 8 April find it here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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