‘Long Time Leaving’ by Christa Couture - melodies that fold around your ears like silk

(April 07, 2016)

As a native of the ‘Centennial State’, living in the UK and writing about music from North America (severally defined, long time leaving by christa couturedepending position and perspective, as both Canada and the USA) I’m consistently amazed at how little recognition some North American musicians achieve even within their own country. And when it comes to outside of their immediate 'worlds' many are utterly unknown.

One of these artists is Christa Couture. I first heard her music through ‘The Wedding Singer and the Undertaker’ then followed her through ‘The Living Record’ and now there comes ‘Long Time Leaving’, which is arguably her most accomplished piece of work. However, outside of Canada, many people still don't recognise the calibre of her music.

This lady has experienced more than her fair share of tragedy, but this isn’t a down-in-the-mouth album. There’s a lightness of touch to both music and lyrics that make ‘Long Time Leaving’ eminently listenable with melodies that fold around your ears like silk, soul-touching lyrics and a softness that belies the power of its presence. To appreciate why I make those comments listen to the deliciously languorous ‘Slaughter’, the longing of ‘Michigan Postscript’, unveiled honesty in ‘Solid Ground’ and reflective understanding in ‘That Little Part of My Heart’ – whatever your frame of mind, these songs will reach out and find you.


Review: Tom Franks

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