‘Songs Of Our Years’ from Gill Sandell - delicate melodies and penetrating poetry

(April 11, 2016)

Many albums are described as ‘beautiful’ and ‘poetic’, sometimes with good reason, sometimes due to a paucity of adjectives. ‘Songs Of Our Years’ from Gill Sandell is a truly beautiful album of contemporary folk overflowing with delicate songs of our years gill sandellmelodies and penetrating poetry. The songs flow between gently sensitive observation and unrelenting examination ... revealing and illuminating, sombre and painful. And that’s a point, because the overall impression is one of beauty don’t believe for one minute it’s all ecstasy and elation. There’s a directness and honesty that lays down complex journeys through the acceptance of loss, understanding transience of unhappiness and delight, and dealing with both.

A layered mesh of music weaves strings, brass, piano, acoustic and electrics to build the songs. From the questions of ‘Walk On Low’ and the answers of ‘Hammer On Wood’, to memories within ‘The Other Side Of Green’ and letting go through ‘Cotton On the Kite’ there’s a raft of emotions that beg you to become involved. And that’s easy to do with ‘Songs Of Our Years’.

Involved with ‘Songs Of Our Years’ are Gill Sandell (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Fender Rhodes, flute, organ, piano) Ted Barnes (acoustic and electric guiatrs, mandolin) Anna Jenkins (violin) Paul Jordanus (trumpet) Jo Silverston (cello) Ali Friend (double bass, electric bass) Sebastian Hankins (drums) Tom White (trombone) Jen Macro, Kristin McClement, Samantha Whates (backing vocals) and Livingston Choir. Website:

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