‘Modal Citizen’ from Josie Nugent - expressive music with a beating heart

(April 18, 2016)

Listening to ‘Modal Citizen’ the debut solo album from Josie Nugent strikes an impression that you’re moving close to the artist, in many ways finding yourself sharing her thoughts as the intimate essence of this album pullsmodal citizen josie nugent you in. This selection of compositions pour expression into Josie’s chosen instruments ... fiddle, octave violin, Stroh violin and Rhodes Mk1 stage piano ... and should you want to hear these instruments given life then ‘Modal Citizen’ is undoubtedly one for you. Here tradition and innovation walk hand-in hand, each feeding into the other until the symbiosis creates a weave of freely explorative and utterly expressive music with a beating heart.   

This multi-layered album takes the listener into softly generous expanses with a lightness of touch and smile-on-the-face in ‘Slip Jigs’ and ‘Reels’ before tracks such as the lush expression of the title track ‘Modal Citizen’ and the fascinating lure of the enigmatic ‘First Flight’ take you on soundwaves to distant shores. Is the journey somewhere familiar or somewhere strange, is it a physical journey or just a flight of imagination? Listen to ‘Modal Citizen’ and work it out for yourself. And remember, wherever this music takes you it’s bound to be magical.

Joining Josie on the album across selected tracks are Mary Nugent (flute) Brian Stafford (Uilleann pipes) Nigel Boulier, Dianna Boulier and Geordie McAdam (fiddles) Alan Burke and Sean O’Donnell (guitar) Seamus O’Kane (bodhrán) Mark Wilson (percussion) and Matt weir (drums, percussion).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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