‘These Boys’ - Keith Burke and the Little Black Book – a fine touch with both lyric and melody

(April 25, 2016)

This is the first I’ve heard of Keith Burke and listening to his album ‘These Boys’ ensures I want to hear more. This album overflows with folk-tinged, Americana-edged passion that displays a strong personal focus and keith burke these boysreveals the artist has a fine touch with both lyric and melody. Original and exciting, some distinct Irish roots show through Burke’s work, which is not surprising given the man’s heritage. In the way of certain compositions they possess an indefinable something that makes the music remain with you. Whatever that ‘something’ might be, ‘These Boys’ has it by the shovel full.

Burke delivers his songs through a slightly mournful vocal style that has the ability to hit a hard edge when needed. Moving from intensely reflective to honestly observational, the content of ‘These Boys’ demands attention and what’s more, thoroughly deserves it. Take in the addictive hooks of songs like ‘Crazy Babe’ and ‘Little Girl Of The Sun’, the genuine understanding ‘The Making Of A Saint’ and sorrowful honesty of ‘She Packed Her Bags In Secret’ - you’ll find it supremely easy to absorb Burke’s music.

The music on ‘These Boys’ is delivered by Keith Burke (vocals, guitar, harmonica, mandolin) and across selected tracks by Anja Kuncic (piano, Hammond, glockenspiel) Sinead Madden (fiddle, viola, backing vocal) Dave Mooney (electric bass, double bass) Ger Toal (cello) Olivier Ansaldi (tenor sax) Gavin Glass (Hammond) Jim McGill (drums) Dave Keegan (drums) and Paul Byrne (drums, percussion). Website:

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