‘Strangely Blue’ from Tinlin - a long, rich musical road to travel

(April 25, 2016)

The duo known as Tinlin, brothers Alex and Rolf Tinlin, already have a reputation for creating finely composed songs that faultlessly blend folk overtones with wider acoustic influences, touches of strangelyblueclassical and sometimes the smoothest edges of soft rock. The true ‘spark’ of this work is its genre-spanning and influence incorporating range, coupled with strong harmonies and accomplished musicianship. And if their latest album ‘Strangely Blue’ is anything to go by they have a long, rich musical road to travel.

There’s the undiluted simplicity of mandolin and guitar, with forays into the expanded production of piano, organ, saxophone and oboe. However, giving ‘Strangely Blue’ its fuller and more expanded feel they also employ multiple talents across selected tracks which increases the album’s depth and presence - Terry Quinney (soprano sax, flutes) Eleanor Tinlin (oboe, cor anglais) Milly Riquelme (piano) Tom Toomey (electric guitar) Jack Carrack (cajon, percussion) Simon Swarbrick (violins) Annelise White (cello) Pete Maxfield (double bass) Catrin Winmorgan (violins) Ian White (viola) Arturo Cerna (cello) and Harry Phillips (backing vocals)

The result is a piece of work to savour, from the title track ‘Strangely Blue’ through the luscious ‘Snowblind’ and ‘Small Town Blue’ to delicately engaging celebration of ‘Morning Breaks’ and sorrowful ‘Rocks and Stones’.


Review: Charlie Elland

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