‘Clear Skies’ from Réalta - a wash of musical heritage riding a wave of invention

(April 28, 2016)

The albumClear Skies’ from Réalta offers a collection of songs, reels, jigs, slides and airs each delivered realta - clear skies album coverwith the verve and dash that we have come to expect from these excellent purveyors of Irish music. Steeped in a wash of musical heritage yet riding a wave of invention, Réalta take the treasures of their tradition and add their own touches of sparkle and effervescence. The resulting musical journey moves from Asturias in Northern Spain, across the intense passions of Ulster and into the beguiling music of blind harpers, all that’s needed is for you to accompany the band on their travels and soak up the atmosphere.

From the intricacies and excitement created by uillean pipes and whistles alternately gliding and scurrying through their tunes and a luscious feel for mood with guitar to perfectly-placed percussion and bass, this music entrances from the first. The hardly restrained enthusiasm of ‘Saltón de Meres’ gives way to the cautionary ‘The Longford Weaver’, a subtle 18th Century love song ‘Máire Iní Mhic Ailpín’ delights the ear before the triplet of tunes ‘The Rakes Of Clonmel - The Glenshane Pass - O’Leary’s Motorbike’ take you off once again into Réalta’s creative maelstrom. For certain, you’re’ going to love it.

Réalta are Conor Lamb (uillean pipes, whistles, piano) Deidre Galway (guitar, piano, vocals) Aaron O’Hagan (uillean pipes, whistles, flute) Dermot Moynagh (bodhrán, percussion) Dermot Mulholland (bouzouki, double bass, vocals, guitar, mandolin) and guest musician Dónal O’Connor (harmonium). 

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Review: Tim Carroll


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