‘Songs From The Boarwood’ - Euan Drysdale - memorable tunes, compelling hooks, lingering melodies

(May 11, 2016)

Perhaps more balladic than folk, bluesy sections, possibly even touches of rock, yet folk essences evident too. However you want to classify the music of Euan Drysdale and his new album ‘Songs From The Boarwood’ the bottom line is this ... songs of an euan drysdale songs from the boarwoodintensely personal nature, messages that reach out to touch everyone, memorable tunes, compelling hooks and melodies that linger. The songs on this album are all Drysdale originals looking through the doors of reminiscence, reflecting on journeys made, people and experiences.

The album opens with ‘Dancing Bears’ and you’re immediately in touch with Drysdale’s irresistible delivery, ‘Dark Moon’ follows and the mood changes to a feeling of loss, then the punchy ‘Steelyard Blues’ arrives with a visceral bite of hard-edged blues, sliding its guitar into potent expression, while ‘The Ballad of Billy Blue’ tells some powerful truths: “And it takes me all my sorry time to finally realise, That the runners and the jumpers are loved in someone’s eyes.” The changing feel of successive songs reflect the album’s mercurial quality as you’re taken through a gamut of changing ambiances and emotions.

Whatever categories are applied to his music it matters not, Euan Drysdale proves with this album that he is a gifted songwriter. ‘Songs From The Boarwood’ is an accomplished piece of work demanding of some serious recognition.


Review: Charlie Elland

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