‘From The Skein’ by Jenny Sturgeon - a whole that holds you in its embrace

(May 23, 2016)

The name will be familiar across a variety of creative outlets, with bands such as Clype and Old Blind Dogs or projects including Primary School music workshops and music to celebrate the Isle of May National Nature Reserve. Now, singer-songwriter from north east Scotland, Jenny Sturgeon releases her debut album ‘From The Skein’ ... and it is stunning. 

Jenny Sturgeon 001The integrated components of music, voice and lyrics make this album a must-have. The magical quality of Jenny’s voice gives tangible feeling to the songs, the haunting lyrics range from the darker sides of folklore and legend through historical narrative to observing the human condition, the dreamlike, expressive and lingering melodies – together the combination creates a whole that holds you in its embrace. The sweep and reach of these self-penned songs move from the terrible tale of a pact made with the devil in ‘Maiden Stone’ to the darkness of ‘Culan’ throughthe supremely evocative ‘Running Free’ and faintly melancholy story of ‘Nowhere Else I’d Rather Be’ to the quietly expressive ‘Honest Man’ and the vivacious ‘Harbour Masters’

Playing on ‘From The Skein’ are Jenny Sturgeon (vocals, shruti box, guitar) Jonny Hardie (guitar, fiddle, tenor guitar, vocals) Grant Anderson (double bass, electric bass, vocals) Davy Cattanach (percussion, vocals) Fraser Fifield (whistles, saxophone) Simon Gall (xylophoine, guitar, vocals) Brian McAlpine (accordion) Aongus Mac Amhlaigh (cello) Rahul K Ravindran, Hannah Crawford  and Ana-Maia MacLellan (vocals). Website:

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