‘Inspired By Chance’ from Goitse - driving originality into tradition

(June 01, 2016)

The latest album from Goitse is called ‘Inspired By Chance’ and continues to follow that inspired vein of invention and innovation that has established them among those bands driving originality into tradition. This their fourth studio album also shows just how far the band has extended their reach GOITSE_IBC_ALBUM_FRONT-300x270and grown into their music as they deliver songs that span the longing of soldiers’ letters home, visions of Ireland and the despair of alchoholism backed by a scintillating selection of tune sets containing jigs, reels and marches.

There’s still that precise flow of expression running through their music, so spirited and substantial you feel it’s possible to reach out and touch it ... original compositions and traditional arrangements sit comfortably side-by-side and add to each other. The lively spirits of ‘Inspired By Chance’ open with ‘Odds’ closely followed by ‘Banjoman Button’ and progresses into the energy of such delights as ‘Serendipity’ and ‘First-Class Bananas’... remain still your feet will not. The songs given wings by Áine McGeeney’s voice, include the moving ‘The Hills of Sweet Lislea’, the perpetual lure of ‘Ireland’s Green Shore’ and the resignation of heartbreak within ‘An Bonnán Buí’.‘Inspired By Chance’ closes with ‘Inspired’ and ‘Chance’ two more sets blending the roots of tradition with the freedom of creativity ... and perfectly summing up Goitse.

Goitse are Áine McGeeney (fiddle, vocals, whistle) Colm Phelan (bodhrán, percussion) Conal O’Kane (guitar) James Harvey (banjo) and Tadhg Ó Meachair (piano accordion, piano).

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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